Science Rocks!

Starring Gerry Lewis as the
                  "Nutty Science Professor".

Gerry Lewis has been performing for years and has thrilled thousands with his entertaining, yet informative science shows.  A science show is a great way to entertain both young and old while teaching valuable scientific lessons without using complicated experiments.  These days, many people look at science in a negative light.  They believe it is full of abstract theories and mathematical explanations.  Gerry takes these ideas and transforms them into easy to understand concepts using experiments that are simple and entertaining.  He further reinforces these ideas by letting the attendees  do exciting, hands on experiments. Participation is not only encouraged, but rewarded.  Quality entertainment that is educational and reasonably priced, yet personalized to your event.  Browse our website and schedule your science show today.

Having a party? A community fair? Some other special event?
          Maybe you are thinking of some kind of entertainment, but not sure who or what?

                       How about a Science Show!

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Phone:           412-638-4146

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